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  • Employee Rights Video Series & Free Monthly List


    Are you a private-sector Georgia employee interested in learning about common employment claims you might have? We have created a video series to help you learn more.

    We also offer a free monthly email list. It provides legal information, news, and developments--tailored to help Georgia employees.



  • Who I Am

    Hi, I am Shaun. With my law firm partner Terina (also pictured), I help restore justice.

    Civil rights attorneys fighting for employee rights.

    About me: Before law school, I was a teacher, and, years later, I still love teaching. Thankfully I am able to do it a lot in my practice. I am constantly teaching clients, opposing counsel, and yes, even judges--about employment law.


    I developed my deep--and, let's be honest, somewhat nerdy--interest in employment law at the Duke University School of Law. It's a complex area of law that impacts nearly everyone, and it raises important social issues, such as equal opportunity and equal justice under the law. That's a concept prominently emblazoned on the top of the United States Supreme Court Building, and a concept dating back to at least the time of the Athenian leader Pericles. But, I have digressed, way too much.


    Back to what you care about. At graduation, I received the Class Award for Excellence in Labor and Employment Law based on my performance at Duke. Prior to founding my own law firm, Southworth PC, I worked at two large national law firms as an employment attorney representing Fortune 500 companies and other businesses. But defense work was not for me, though I am thankful to have learned the defense perspective. At the end of the day, I wanted to help people. And now, I do, and I love it.


    Now about the video series and newsletter: During hundreds of consultations I have had with employees, I have heard many questions I cannot answer during our free, limited consultations. I thought there would be a better way to share some of our knowledge without offering expensive paid consultations, which would take too much time from our practice. It took a while, but I have prepared seven videos with the goal to address many questions Georgia employees have, and many of the questions they should be asking.


    And, yes, I would recommended getting the series even if you are interested in working with other attorneys, and especially so. Your employment is an investment, and any employment claims you have are investments too. We created the series to be a remarkably good investment for Georgia employees considering or pursuing employment claims.


  • What Our Clients Say

    My Best Interests At Heart

    After conducting an extensive search for an attorney, I became a client of yours, the Southworth PC Attorneys at Law. It was an extremely difficult time for me as I was being subjected to harassment and retaliation. As a high level supervisor with the federal government, who had represented management in many employment issues, I thought I was well equipped to manage the daunting tasks. I became quickly overwhelmed. ... The firm was able to identify and capitalize on issues that I overlooked. I hope to never have to go through something like this again, but if I did I would not hesitate to call you again and would highly recommend you to others without reservation.

    Toe-to-toe With Agency Counsel In A Smooth And Calm Manner

    Your firm was on point with legal research and analysis. I would not have been able to get here without your legal representation. During the hearing, Mr. Southworth realized immediately what the Agency was trying to do and went toe-to-toe with opposing counsel in a smooth and calm manner. He asked the right questions to show the violations of the law. I appreciate that you have been here to take the stress off of me, and I feel I could leave everything to you and not worry about it. Thank you!

    “… [E]leven out of ten stars!”

    The attorneys at Southworth PC were wonderful. They were polite, answered all my questions, and responded to me very promptly. The attorneys are incredibly knowledgeable in employment law and are very good at their craft. It was a stress free process and I felt very comfortable leaving everything in their hands. No reservations what so ever. I would truly recommend this firm – eleven out of ten stars!

  • Think you might have an employment claim? Where do you start? Want to know more?

    Check out our collection of seven video guides.


    Based on our experience consulting with Georgia employees,  and representing employees, we have focused the presentations on what people wonder about, what people want to know, and what people should be thinking about--if they are considering pursuing an employment claim.


    The seven topics are: an overview of claims, going to the EEOC, proving discrimination, proving harassment, proving retaliation, an overview of damages, and, yes, lawerying up.

    This free example provides more information about the series, how it could help you, and the format of the presentations.


    We encourage you to see for yourself.


    If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.



    Get it all: Claims Overview, Going to the EEOC, Proving Discrimination Claims, Proving Retaliation Claims, Proving Harassment Claims, and Damages Overview. Over xxx minutes of video guides for $79. Best value. Recommended.


    Just the basics. The budget package (but still great). What you get: Claims Overview, Going to the EEOC. 135 minutes of video for $29.


    What you get: Claims Overview, Going to the EEOC, Proving Discrimination Claims. Over xxx minutes of video guides for $39. Good value.

  • The Complete Package Above Is The Best Deal

    But You Can Also Get Individual Presentations Below For $19 Each

    80 minutes

    This 80-minute video presentation is an overview of common employment claims of Georgia private-sector employees, tailored for employees. Claims discussed include: contract-based claims, tort-based claims, medical leave claims, minimum wage and overtime claims, discrimination claims, harassment claims, retaliation claims, and more. Includes a .pdf of all slides.

    55 minutes

    This 55-minute video presentation covers what statutes the EEOC enforces, what the EEOC does, filing a charge of discrimination, tips about the intake form, what to expect from the EEOC, and a review of the likelihood of certain outcomes. Includes a .pdf of all slides.

    71 minutes

    This 71-minute video presentation covers the following topics: what is discrimination, direct evidence vs. circumstantial evidence, examples of employment actions, examples of direct evidence proof, examples of circumstantial evidence proof, 28 types of evidence that might help you uncover discrimination, key considerations, credibility considerations, and the destruction of evidence. A .pdf of the slides is included.

    62 minutes

    This 62-minute presentation covers: what is harassment, sexual harassment vs. other types of harassment, issues that frequently arise in harassment cases, examples, considerations in harassment cases, credibility considerations, and destruction of evidence. Includes a .pdf of slides.

    54 minutes

    This 54-minute video presentation covers: what is retaliation, protected activity, retaliation under Title VII, ADEA, ADA, FLSA, and FMLA, direct evidence vs. circumstantial evidence, examples of 28 types of evidence that might help you uncover retaliation, key points, credibility considerations, and destruction of evidence.

    41 minutes

    This 41-minute presentation covers: damages available under Title VII, ADEA, ADA, FLSA, and FMLA, thoughts about mitigation of damages, considerations in obtaining compensatory damages, thoughts about settlement. A .pdf file of all slides is also included.

    45 minutes

    This 45-minute video presentation covers what types of attorneys to look for, finding prospective attorneys, checking out the prospective attorneys, questions to ask potential attorneys, attorneys fees and litigation costs, retainer agreements, and tips on working with your attorney. Includes a .pdf of all slides.

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  • And since you stopped here . . .

    ... here are videos that you might find helpful to watch. These are short, but free, and they still contain useful information.

    Meeting With An Attorney

    Discrimination Laws

    Retaliation Claims